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Indulgence is in!

Food Indulgence or ‘Comfort Food’ is becoming increasingly prevalent on social media. Although 63% say they try to eat healthy most or all of the time, 85% admit they give in to over half of their cravings for indulgent foods, like luxury hot chocolate.

Luxury hot chocolate used to just mean a regular hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows – but now luxury means as thick, rich and creamy as possible. Even with the cost of living crisis, 75% of consumers “always find room” in their budget for food treats.

30% of global consumers find richness of flavour (like triple-chocolate) the most important driver of enjoyment and pleasure in food. France is a great example of Luxury Hot Chocolate. Le chocolat chaud is made from chocolate shavings, milk, cream, and sugar. It is an extremely creamy, rich, and thick drink. Typically 70% cacao or more! The French hot chocolate went viral on TikTok recently with over 34.1 million views of #frenchhotchocolate.

London also had their viral moment with Italian Bear Café releasing the ultimate chocoholic hot chocolate with thick melted milk, white and dark chocolate poured all over the edges of the cup. It looks both delicious and messy!

The trend in luxurious hot chocolate has also gained traction from lockdown days where people were recreating their favourite coffee shop drinks at home. #Velvetiser had over 31 million views on TikTok as innovative devices like Hotel Chocolat’s velvetiser gained popularity and became a must-have item for chocolate enthusiasts at home.

With hot chocolate an all year-round menu item, it’s a key line to have – our powders range now includes vast array of chocolate options, including our new Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder accompanied with our Gold, Pink and White Chocolate.

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Toffee Popcorn Hot Chocolate RecipeRecipe: Luxury Toffee Popcorn Hot Chocolate

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