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Iced Pistachio Latte

When iced coffee season begins, try our Iced Pistachio Latte recipe for something slightly different and totally tasty. It’s slightly sweet, deliciously nutty and a fantastic way to enjoy your summer iced coffee.

To add an extra layer of nuttiness and eye-catching colour, drizzle some pistachio sauce around the cup before making your drink. This is a popular technique for making drinks at home, so embrace this in your cafe!

Experiment with different milks to find your perfect iced latte. Almond milk is a great base for adding other flavours to, but be sure to stock up on oat milk as this is the most popular milk alternative. You can also serve some wafers on the side for a snack with some bite, as they’re great alongside an iced latte.

  1. Add the pistachio syrup and espresso shot(s) to a cup.
  2. Swirl to combine and pour over a cup full of ice.
  3. Top with milk and stir.
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