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Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie

If you love all things fab and fruity, this Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie recipe is the one for you. It’s sweet yet well-balanced and it packs a flavourful punch you’ll adore.

This summery treat is a great refreshment in the warmer weather. We like to make things as easy as possible, and this smoothie recipe is no different. Forget faffing about with apple juice or heavy bags of frozen fruit, just blend our smoothie mixes with ice and your drink is ready!

The tropical zing of mango and exotic tartness of passion fruit will put a pep in your step. So we think this is the perfect chance to add our energy blend supplement as well as some fresh mango cubes on the side. A fresh sprig of mint is another great garnish.

  1. Add the mango and passion fruit smoothie, energy blend and ice to a blender.
  2. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth.
  3. Pour the blender contents into a cup and garnish with with fresh fruit and herbs as desired.
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