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Flippin’ great sauces

Simply Sauces perfect for pairing with Pancakes

With Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, it’s time to turn your thoughts to toppings!
With so many toppings and sauces to choose from, what will make your menu?

Top 5 combos with our Simply Sauces

Strawberry Delight

This classic pairing is perfect for pancakes. Take traditional pancakes, add fresh strawberries and finish with Simply Luxury White Chocolate Topping Sauce.

Alternatively, take a classic and add a twist, add lemon with our white chocolate sauce.

Bananas for Banoffee

Take this classic English dessert and turn it into a stack of pancake deliciousness. Add sliced bananas, whipped cream, Simply Biscuit Crumb Topping and drizzle with Simply Caramel Topping Sauce.

Raspberry Ripple

Keep it simple and add vanilla ice cream, fresh raspberries (or Simply Freeze Dried Raspberries which are 100% natural) and drizzle with our Simply Raspberry Topping Sauce.

Keep It Vegan

Yes, you can make vegan pancakes! So why not add an alternative option to your menu and top with fruit and our Simply Vegan Chocolate Topping Sauce.

Black Forest

Top with whipped cream or ice cream, black cherries and our Simply Dark Chocolate Sauce, for an extra hit, add Simply Cherry Sauce too.

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