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Our Simply Topping Sauces are now available from Booker and Makro


Our premium Luxury Simply Topping Sauces, that transform an everyday pudd into an irresistible dessert in just seconds, are now available nationwide direct from Booker and Makro, the foodservice wholesaler.

Available in Simply White Chocolate and Simply Milk Chocolate options these are indulgent Italian style sauces that really impress with an authentic, intense flavour. Create the dreamiest desserts going by drizzling over ice creams, sundaes and plated puddings, adding a luxurious edge to even the most simple dessert.

“Our Simply Topping Sauces have developed quite a reputation amongst caterers who rely on them to transform the run of the mill into a true dessert hero,” said Ricky Flax, general manager, IBC. “These are super rich and versatile and that’s why they have become so popular with professional caterers. There really is no easier way to enhance a dessert menu.”

The Luxury Simply Topping Sauces are supplied in 1kg bottles with ambient storage. Use within 6 months after opening. Available to buy through Booker and Makro now.