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Striking Gold!

Gold Chocolate soared in popularity by 597% in 2022, according to Mars Wrigley.

It’s not just caramel-flavoured white chocolate! Discovered by accident, Gold Chocolate is white chocolate cooked at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time. As a result, this is what gives it that distinctive golden colour and caramelised flavour (it’s slightly less sweet than white chocolate!)

‘The fourth flavour’ is now everywhere with a lot of brands offering their products in a Gold version. This includes Cadbury, M&S, Hershey’s and Galaxy. Cadbury launched Caramilk in 2021 in the UK. Cadbury’s Caramilk, which was previously only available in Australia, went on to generate £8.5m in its first 12 weeks in the UK. Since then Toblerone and Little Moons have since tried to replicate its success.

However, a few other brands only jumped on to the trend this year. In 2023, Nestle launched their new Golden Collection for 6 of their most popular chocolate bars including Milkybar and Aero Melts.

We can’t have a blog about gold and chocolate and not mention the brand-new film release, Wonka. The Warner Bros re imagined classic opened to $43.2 million to top the international box office. It’s the studio’s second-biggest opening of the year, ranking just behind Barbie. We have already seen its influence on the food and beverage industry, with brands releasing Wonka themed hot chocolates, cocktails,  gold drinks and cakes!

Gold Chocolate isn’t just for chocolate bars. The flavour can be found in drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee and even liqueur. Additionally, it is also very popular in cakes and desserts! Gold Chocolate Powder makes fantastic frappes and hot chocolates (it’s just like a caramel blondie you can drink!), so you can enjoy the delicious taste all year long.

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