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Walking in a Winter Warmer-land

Winter WarmersWinter is a time for layering up and enjoying hot drinks at every opportunity, so any warming beverage to heat up cold hands will go down a treat on your Christmas drinks menu.

Our Winter Warmers range make for the perfect addition to your drink offerings. Think of winter warmers as an alternative to herbal teas – they’re fabulously fruity and delicately spiced. Here’s everything you need to know about why winter warmers are such an essential menu item.

Easy to make, quick to serve

Our winter warmers have been designed to make it as simple as possible to make a quick drink. You can create a delicious beverage that’s bursting with flavour with just two ingredients. Here’s our super simple recipe:



  1. Add your winter warmer of choice to a glass or cup.
  2. Top with hot water and stir.

That’s it! We did say it was easy. Customers are always looking for convenience, so they’ll be thrilled about their drink being ready before they’ve even put their wallet away! Next time they fancy a nice drink while they’re out, they’ll think of you and come back for more.

Excellent profit boosters

A 1 litre bottle contains roughly 33 servings, so per drink our winter warmers will most likely be one of the most cost-effective drinks on your menu. This is especially important this year due to the cost of living crisis, when customers will be keeping a close eye on their bank balance.

As it’s so cheap to make, you can offer it on your menu for a lower price point than other drinks and still turn a profit. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Garnishes galore!

The famous expression “you eat first with your eyes” is a cliché for a reason – it’s true! Up to 40% of Gen Z now use social media such as TikTok and Instagram as search engines to find new places to eat and drink. This means appearances should be top priority when creating a well-rounded beverage in order to entice customers into sharing your drinks with their friends. Here’s some of our favourite ways to make your drinks stand out online:

  • Fresh fruit is the perfect way to jazz up your drink. Add a slice of orange to our mulled fruit winter warmer, and you can even perch cherries on the rim of the cup.
  • Don’t underestimate a festive cup! Most customers expect their drink to come in a takeaway cup, so this is the perfect opportunity to step it up a notch. A red cup with snowflakes, a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ message or wintery fruits will elevate the overall look of your winter warmer.
  • For a more premium experience, fresh spices are a great way to go. Simply make the drink and then garnish! A cinnamon stick or whole cloves are great in our spiced apple winter warmer.

Lower calorie options

A growing trend over the last few years has been an increased awareness of health. Coupled with the recent addition of calories on most menus, this trend means many customers are choosing lower calorie options when they go out. This doesn’t mean you need to only have healthy offerings, so don’t be scared to keep offering sugary delights.

Our winter warmers are all between 85 and 90 calories per serving, so make sure to advertise this! Customers love to see the claim ‘under 100 calories’ so go all out in making this a big feature.


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