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Dragon Fruit and Mango Crushed Cooler

Cool down the tropical way with our Dragon Fruit and Mango Crushed Cooler recipe. Sweet, fragrant and super refreshing, this recipe is a must-have in the warmer weather.

Deliciously juicy mango meets tropical dragon fruit in this recipe, perfect for a hot summer’s day. This is a recipe that belongs on social media, so be careful with your pouring to get that picture-perfect beverage. It might look tricky at first, but with a bit of practice you’ll be making beautiful crushed coolers in no time.

Decorate your crushed cooler with fresh mango chunks or even some carefully placed mint leaves. Make this recipe into an adults-only treat with a splash of white rum in each blended mix for a bit of extra fun!

  1. Into a blender, pour in the syrup with ¾ a cup of ice and a splash of water.
  2. Blend together for 30 seconds or until a slush consistency occurs.
  3. Pour contents out into a separate pouring glass and save for later.
  4. Into the blender, add the Mango Smoothie Mix and ¾ a cup of ice and blend again until a slush consistency has occurred.
  5. Lastly, pouring careful as not to mix the two drinks, alternate the two liquids into your chosen glass to create a beautiful orange and pink layered effect!
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