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Watermelon Iced Green Tea

Quench your thirst the right way with our Watermelon Iced Green Tea recipe. The perfect level of sweetness, this is a super simple recipe to follow and will truly hit the spot.

Sweet watermelon and herbal green tea are a match made in heaven, especially for a summery iced tea. Use this recipe to satisfy your watermelon cravings out of season, or enjoy it in the summer with fresh chunks on the side. A little bit of fresh mint or basil wouldn’t go amiss as a garnish too!

Keep it easy with our simple iced tea recipe, or turn it into a slushy by blending with ice! You can also reinvent this recipe with a splash of vodka for a tasty cocktail in the sun.

  1. Add the watermelon iced green tea syrup to a cup full of ice.
  2. Top with water and stir.
  3. Garnish with fresh fruit and herbs if desired.
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