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Why watermelon drinks should be on your summer menu

Watermelon is set to be a popular flavour this summer; coupled with its vibrant colour with pink drinks on trend for 2019.

With brands launching their own watermelon drinks including Ciroc Summer Watermelon Vodka, VK Watermelon, and many more, make sure you’re keeping up with this popular flavour trend with our Simply Watermelon Granita or our Watermelon Syrup for frappes, coolers, cocktails and smoothies.

Watermelon drinks on trend for 2019

Stay on trend with Simply Watermelon Granita and Watermelon Syrup

According to Bar Magazine, in Global Brands public search for a new flavour last year, watermelon came head to head with the three other most popular voted flavours. Over 19,000 of the final 35,000 votes chose watermelon – so Watermelon VK launched in February 2019.

Pink has been set to be a popular colour since Pantone announced Living Coral, or vibrant living pink as their Colour of the Year. Flavours like our Rose, Rhubarb and Watermelon Simply Syrups can help you create colourful pink drinks. Add them to traditional lemonade, make mocktails or create pink infused frappes.

Watermelon granita tastes great on its own, or blend in fresh mint for an extra flavour boost. All you need to make granita from our granita powder is a blender, some ice and a little water. Get our Watermelon Granita Recipe

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