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Fang-tastic Halloween drinks

Trick or Treat Frappe

Trick or Treat Frappe

Halloween is gaining more attraction every year as another celebration worth going all out for! So make this spooktacular day an excuse to get your creative juices flowing and dress up your drinks menu for adults and kids alike.

Chilling Colour Combinations

Using a mixture of classic Halloween colours is a reliable way to create a fun themed menu. Killer colour combinations can be grouped together by using vibrant sauces, syrups and spooky toppings. The classic colours are: Green, Red, Orange, Purple and Black. Some of our go-to combos include:

Other ways to use colour is to be inspired by current trends. Netflix’s most recent hit show ‘Squid games’ is sure to be the theme of many people’s Halloween costumes this year, so why not incorporate the iconic blue and red colours into your drinks options. Take it a step further and flavour the drinks with honeycomb!

Spine-tingling Sauces and Dustings

As previously mentioned in past blog posts, the world of dessert sauces can be endless! However in order to customise them into Halloween ideas we suggest displaying recognisable Halloween images such as spiders and carved pumpkin faces to decorate the top of your drink. Create a bullseye with a sauces on the top of your drink and then use a tooth pick to drag out lines from the centre to create a spiders web!

If you’re not feeling creative you can invest in some Halloween Coffee Stencils. With so many shapes available, from bats to witches hats, all you need is to use a Chocolate Duster or a sprinkle of cinnamon to add a decorative finish to any drink.

Ghoulish Garnishes

Seasonal garnishes are always a hit with customers. Making your own or buying Halloween toppings for the run up to Halloween is a great way to accessorise drinks, and ensure they’re sharable for social media. Top picks of ours are:

  • Squishy Eyeballs
  • Grave Stone Meringues
  • Black and Orange Hundreds and Thousands
  • Jelly worms
Witches Brew Recipe

Witches Brew

Witches Brew Recipe:



  1. Add 30ml of a Simply Mulled Fruits Winter Warmer to a cup
  2. Top with 270ml of hot water and stir
  3. Add an eerie eyeball as a garnish






These are just a few suggestions! If you’d like help with customising your menu or have any questions about our products and recipes, get in contact with our sales team through our live webchat

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