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Flavoured Latte

Get creative with our Flavoured Latte recipe. Perfect all year round, simply choose your favourite flavour of syrup and you’ve got an easy delicious drink.

With more than 70 flavours to choose from, our syrups range has something for everyone. We also have a huge range of sugar free syrups that are just as delicious, or check out our organic range instead! There really is no need to miss out, no matter the dietary requirements!

This recipe is easy to follow and super customisable – try your favourite syrup with a new plant-based milk alternative for a different flavour profile. You can also create seasonal hits using classic flavours, such as gingerbread, winter spice and more! It’s never too late to experiment with a flavoured latte.

  1. Add your flavoured syrup to a cup.
  2. Add your shot(s) of espresso.
  3. Top with steamed milk.
  4. Optional: decorate with whipped cream, plus chocolate dust or cinnamon.
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Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Latte

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