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Peppermint Mocha

Put up your Christmas trees and get the festive music on, our Peppermint Mocha recipe is here! With just four essential ingredients, this simple recipe is the perfect seasonal addition to your menu.

The flavour combo of mint and chocolate is a classic, so of course we had to add coffee to the mix. The blend of sweet chocolate, rich espresso and cooling peppermint makes a delicious treat for the holiday season.

It couldn’t be easier to jazz up this recipe and make it more premium. Whipped cream, vegan chocolate topping sauce and dark chocolate flakes are fantastic, and you can even add some crushed candy canes on top. This is also a great chance to mix up your milks – offer this mocha with oat milk for a dairy free delight.

  1. Combine your hot chocolate powder with organic peppermint syrup.
  2. Top with your expresso shot(s).
  3. Stir into a paste
  4. Top with steamed milk.
  5. Decorate with vegan chocolate topping sauce and dark chocolate flakes.
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