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Salted Caramel Mocha

Treat yourself in style with this delicious Salted Caramel Mocha recipe. Velvety smooth and perfectly sweet, this is the perfect Autumn and Winter drink. Mocha lovers, this is what you’ve been missing!

Think of this as a Twix bar in a glass – smooth chocolate and sweet salted caramel blend so well with the rich familiar taste of mocha. Whether you prefer your coffee beans dark, sweet, fruity or bitter, this mocha is the perfect twist on the standard coffee.

It’s also super easy to make this recipe vegan with a simple milk swap, as our syrups and hot chocolate powder are totally dairy free! Enjoy this mocha as a delicious way to wake up, or use decaf coffee for an after-dinner dessert. Pair with some caramel spiced biscuits on the side for a lovely dunking experience.

  1. Add your hot chocolate powder to a cup.
  2. Add your salted caramel syrup to the cup and top with your espresso shot(s).
  3. Stir into a paste.
  4. Top with steamed milk.
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