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Red Velvet Cake Frappe

Turn a classic dessert into a drinkable delight with our Red Velvet Cake Frappe recipe. Full of chocolatey goodness, a hint of smooth cream cheese and that signature red colour, this is a must have for your summer menu.

Serve as a deal with a slice of red velvet cake on the side, or as part of a limited edition cakey menu! This looks great alongside our Birthday Cake Frappe and Cookies & Cream Frappe for a bakery-inspired extravaganza.

We prefer to make this with our vanilla frappe powder as it allows the red topping sauce to shine. For a richer experience with even more luxurious chocolate, try our chocolate frappe powder instead. Cream cheese-infused whipped cream is a fantastic deluxe option!

  1. Add the red velvet cake syrup, frappe powder and milk to a blender.
  2. Add a cup of ice and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth.
  3. Pour the blender contents into a cup and top with whipped cream.
  4. Decorate with strawberry sauce and freeze dried strawberries.
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