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Coffee Shop Winter Menu Ideas

Winter Drinks MenuWith Halloween and Bonfire night firmly out of the way, the beloved Christmas flavours have finally come out to play!

Brits are spending more than ever on takeaway drinks.  A recent report discovered that people are buying, on average, three takeaway coffees per week and spending an average of £530 each year to get their caffeine fix. Where previously we’ve seen hearty habits of grabbing gingerbread lattes whilst completing the Christmas shopping, now comes the perfect opportunity to offer new festive flavours and create a traditional signature of your own.

As the larger chains have now all officially launched their Winter menus, the time is here to get yours wrapped up (with a bow of course) and ready for December!

Keep It Classic

It must be said, the public are sticklers for the classics this time of year. Guaranteeing you have a couple of these key flavours to offer will help to please the die-hard Christmas fans.

Mix and Match

Reducing  food waste and making better environmental decisions is becoming even more important to consumers, so we suggest reusing some of those popular Autumnal flavours that you may still have in stock and adding a seasonal twist. Pair these with more familiar Christmas essentials to find a balance in your festive menu.

  • English Toffee We said it in Autumn and we’re saying it again this Winter – toffee is back in business. Mix our English toffee syrup (soon to be available in Sugar free too!) with other classic Christmas flavours like chestnut praline to add a sweet element with a nutty favourite.
  • Spiced Apple – Turn this autumnal flavour into an all-round winter go-to by adding cherry plum syrup to create a spiced apple and cherry winter warmer (even better with a splash of Cherry liqueur!).
  • Orange – Recreate the famous Terry’s Chocolate Orange flavour hot chocolate in an instant just by adding orange syrup.

Totally Wacky and Wonderful

With everything being all go go go this time of year, we’ve listed a few creative ways to recreate other jolly flavours – taking inspiration from some of our favourite festive desserts.

  • Yule Log Hot Chocolate – Inspired by all the classic Christmas bakes, add chocolate cookie syrup and birthday cake syrup into your dark hot chocolate to make an indulgent family favourite.
  • Christmas Pudding Latte – Everyone loves a spiced latte this time of year so our Winter spice syrup adds a festive twist during December, simply by dressing it up as a Christmas pudding! When January rears its head, switch the name back to Winter Spice and you have a syrup that will last all throughout the colder months.
  • S’mores Hot Chocolate – Jazz up your hot chocolate one American-inspired flavour at a time. Add toasted marshmallow syrup to your hot chocolate, top with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of biscuit crumb. You simply can’t go wrong with this one, especially when you add mini marshmallows on top.


These are just a few suggestions! If you’d like help with customising your menu or have any questions about our products and recipes, get in contact with our sales team through our live webchat

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